Mission Created’s Discovery Process

Mission Created’s five discovery meetings are the building blocks of our work together.

By fully understanding your business, your customers, and the challenges your business faces, we can define a powerful marketing strategy based on your business needs.


Discovery #1

Business, buying process, stated needs

Get to know your business (20 min)

Review needs (20 min)

Define your expected buying process (15 min)

Explain the Discovery process

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Discovery #2

Customer Avatar, Customer Problem/Solution

Who is your customer, and what is the problem you’re solving? Answer questions (30 min)

Build a persona, aka customer avatar (30 min)

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Discovery #3

Market Competition, Search, Traffic

Briefly discuss Discovery 2 customer survey results

Getting to know the market & competitors

Online business discovery

Competitive discovery (competitors’ websites)

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Discovery #4

Strategies & Tactics

Define strategy & tactics

Review Historical strategies/tactics

Current/future strategies/ tactics

Introduce web strategies (traffic and conversion)

Current/future strategies/ tactics cont.

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Discovery Process Final Report

The result of this discovery process includes:

✔️ Four recorded discovery consultation interviews

✔️ Detailed Analysis of the discovery process

✔️ 1-2 Customer Avatar(s)

✔️ Problem/Solution Content PDF

✔️ In-depth competitor analysis report

✔️ Suggested plan for moving your brand forward, including itemized cost estimates

Discovery Process Fee: $2500

Las Vegas
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