Digital Marketing | 5 key components to organic business growth online

You've probably noticed by now: the internet is changing. Every day a new article is published telling young people to become computer scientists because every business has to be online.

You're business is online. I'm sure of it. Which means you probably have about fifty different tools you use on a daily basis to manage it all.

Let's focus. Here are the five main tools you need to focus on to grow your business online:

5 Key Components to Your Successful Growth Online

Your Website is Home Base

Manage What Your Customers See First.

It doesn't matter if you are in the service industry, brick-and-mortar retail, or even a hair salon, if you own a business there are people out there Googling its name. If they're not, then you have a real problem.

Your website is often the first contact people have with your company and will be the place your customers look for answers to simple questions. The more you can directly address exactly what your customers might be looking for, the more successful your website becomes.

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Blog: Your Online Library

Demonstrate Your Expertise

How do you answer all of the questions your customers could possibly have? A blog is a great place to start.

A blog is where you demonstrate expertise in your field, catching the attention of anyone using a search engine to find a keyword relevant to your business. Make sure your keywords meet standard SEO strategy guidelines (if you're using WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin is a great place to start). You should start to see organic traffic to your site increase, and every new visitor is an impressed reader who's just had a question answered about your industry.

Social Media Networking

Go out and meet your customers online

Now that your website and blog are a wealth of information, it's time to go out and share it with your customers! Wondering where to go?

Good news. Software developers have created entire online networking events that you can enter into at every moment. We call these ongoing events "social media".

If you've done it right, then the expert content on your blog is exactly what your customers are looking for. So when you share it on social media, it's like inviting them to come to your online office (your website) so you can solve their problems. Of course they'll come. Wouldn't you?

Once they trust you to provide them with the answers they're looking for, they'll be happy to share their email address with you so that you can let them know about new content. But what do you share?

Email Marketing

Stay Connected to Your Customers

Your customers enjoy your business and your online content so much that they've decided to give you their email address and wait to see what you'll send.

For a business owner, that's kind of like getting a phone number from the coolest person at the networking party. And now you have to decide what to do with it.

You're going to treasure it, send them only the best content that demonstrates your expertise in the field, and you are going to offer them specials catered exactly to their interests because you've been paying attention to the metrics and you know what they tend to click on.

Why? Because when you have an offer to make to your audience, they'll actually open your emails to see it. They trust you. And the next time they need a product or service you provide, your brand should be the first that comes to mind.

The Metrics

No More Wondering - Set Goals & Analyze Results

In this day and age, there is absolutely no reason to blindly throw money at online marketing. Every single goal you have as a business can be measured.

Do you want to acquire new customers?
Check out how many new sessions you have in Google Analytics. That's how many people have visited your site for the first time.

Want to know how engaged your current customers are? Check out your engagement rates on social media (how many people are liking, clicking, sharing, commenting) and your email open rate. How many comments do you have on your blog?

Set measurable growth goals based on your existing data and check in with them monthly. You'll be surprised at the progress you make.

What if we just did it all for you?

You want to know how we do it.

You've probably seen one of these before. It's called a "purchasing awareness funnel." It shows that when someone meets your brand for the first or second, or even the third time, they're still getting to know you. They're considering whether or not you'll be "the brand for them".

So, how do we move them all the way through the funnel?

1. We determine your company goals

  • Would you like to attract new customers?
  • Do you want to create a community vibe that keeps your customers coming back for more?
  • Would you like to offer a new service that you need to share with your customers?
  • Create a list of metrics with clear, measurable goals and checkpoints.

2. We find out what they're looking for

  • Ask questions about your most frequent customers
  • Analyze your existing online data
  • Do Keyword Research in your industry and location
  • Create a list of questions your customers want answers to and information they'd like to know.

3. We create the content that answers their questions

  • Create the content we know your customers are looking for.
  • Take the time to make sure it's relevant, well-crafted, easy to read and answers the question well.
  • Use our SEO knowledge to ensure that the content is accessible and preferable to search engine bots.
  • Watch organic site traffic rise before you've even shared the content online.

4. We share everything, everywhere

  • Share your content in as many relevant social platforms as possible.
  • Stay available to answer questions and respond to comments or reviews within 12 hours.
  • Create strong ads that target specific customers based on their exact interests, related to the content we're sharing.
  • Enjoy. You're building not only a strong brand, but a community of loyal followers.

5. We make sure to stay in touch with your customer base

  • Send monthly emails to your customers with information revelant to their interests.
  • Make them smile, laugh, and generally remember why they got involved with your brand in the first place.
  • Share new offers with your most loyal audience, and remind them of existing ones.
  • Ensure that your customers are up-to-date with your latest offerings and content, so they're thinking about you.

6. We consistently measure our effectiveness

  • We'll send you monthly reports, so you can see how close we are to hitting your company goals.
  • We'll share the highlights and anything that may be off-track.
  • If any metrics are off-course, we'll suggest a plan of action to course-correct.
  • You'll watch your customer retention and loyal customer community steadily rise.

Now they definitely know who you are.

Now that you're offering your customers exactly the information or inspiration they need to succeed, the next time they need your services you'll practically be on speed dial.

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