Basic WordPress Site Creation

Mission Created Basic WordPress Site Package*

Site Build $1500*
+ cost of host (usually $45/year)
+ domain cost (usually $15/year)
+ cost of theme (average $60 one-time charge)

approximately $1620
 (+$45 annual host charge, starting 2018)


price includes:

  • Site map + purpose interview
    we'll talk about why you want a site, what information you want to communicate to your visitors, and what tone you provide information in.
  • Site map prep
    we'll prepare a map of your site which demonstrates how it flows, which information is available on each page, and lists additional user interface options (twitter feeds, social media sharing, etc.)
  • WordPress Theme Search & suggestions (3-5 themes suggested)
    your WordPress theme dictates the feeling and flow of your site, in many ways. We'll suggest 3-5 themes for you to choose from based on your tone, site purpose, and functional needs.
  • Site build
    The basic site includes up to 7 pages. This includes custom design, with flow, fonts, and colors that match the tone and purpose of your site. This is where the magic happens. 🙂
  • Plugin optimization
    spam filters, social media feeds, newsletter subscriptions, we'll make sure that you have the best, most reliable plugin for the job.
  • Initial content population
    We will include at least enough content to make certain that your site feels complete and is fully functional. Once the site is complete, you will be expected to populate your own content, or you can always feel free to ask us to upload or stylize the content, at our hourly rate of $50/hr.

cost schedule:

  • $500 - 33% work start project deposit
  • $500 (+ reimbursed expenses) - 33% first draft delivery + host, domain, and theme reimbursed
  • $500 - 33% project completion, published site

*Price note: This hour cap is based on reasonable expectations. If any of the items listed above are incomplete and it feels that they should reasonably have been completed, Mission Created will not charge extra for additional hours.

However, if both the client and Mission Created agree that the project has become more complex based on client expectations, Mission Created will provide a new estimate for additional hours (charged at $50/hr). The client will also receive weekly budget updates, every Friday.


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